Monday, January 12, 2009

THE 4-way scroll button IN MY ASPIRE 5100 DOESNT

THE 4-way scroll button IN MY ASPIRE 5100 DOESN'T WORK AT ALL!

  1. Double click the icon in the toolbar. Click the device settings tab and then hit setting. select buttons in the list on the left side. Hit the plus sign(maximize) and select scroll up button action....scroll down button action...Etc. For each action select what you want it to do and just hit apply and move to the next. Once you have selected the action for scroll up, down , left, and right hit apply again just to be sure and try it. It should work. I just did it on my 5630 but Im assuming it works the same.
  2. all i did was to fix mine was click on the touch pad button on the task bar and clicked scrolling then changed the speed hit apply then put it back to my perfered settings and hit apply again.
    it fixed my touch pad scroll and my connected mouse scroll

    hope that helps =]
  3. I deleted the touch pad and rebooted, it was reinstalled as new hardware and then started to work again.
    Start-Control Panel-System-Hardware-Device Manager-Mic e and other pointing devices- click + -right click and delete touchpad- Reboot- Hardware reloads- Reboot.

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