Monday, January 12, 2009

Acer Aspire - Acer orbi cam

How can I reinstall my acer orbi cam my daughter deleted it and now I cant get it back, can you please help and I have Windows Vista or can you suggest some better that will work with windows vista cause it was not working

  1. There is a utility bar that you can install that lets you change the default application folder:

    ** Note ** When the My Pictures or Pictures folder gets full, camera will not work - Cut and Paste all pictures in that
    folder to another folder and restart Orbicam program.

    If that does not work then do this:

    Start - Programs - look for Acer Empowering Technology then Acer E-Recovery - The look at the bottom and you will
    "Backup", "Burn disk" and Restore" choose Restore - choose Apps and Drivers at the bottom of Restore tab (it will say
    extracting) - once extracted - click Install - click Vista or (XP) on the left - click Drivers - click Camera or CCD - on the
    right side of the screen, then look for Bison driver or (or your model which can be found in device manager - control panel - system - device manager - Imaging devices) you have then click a phrase that has something like "Install now", follow on screen instructions. Then repeat steps above and instead of driver choose Bison (or your model which can be found in device manager - control panel - system - device manager - Imaging devices) Utility
  2. hey I have a acer aspire 5100 and my camera stopped working also. So I contacted acer about the problem. They gave me some instructions to fix it and it worked!!!

    First we will create the new folder where the pictures will be moved to:

    1. Click on the Start button.

    2. Click on Computer

    3. Double-click on the C drive

    4. Double-click on Users

    5. Double-click on your user name

    6. Double-click on Desktop.

    7. Once you are in the Desktop, right-click on a blank white area (not on an icon) then select Create > New Folder.

    8. Call the folder “Picture Backup” or any other significant name. (Do not close the windows since we will need it later) in step 11

    Now we will move the pictures from the old folder to the new one:

    9. Click on the START button then click on Pictures

    10. Click on one picture and then go to Edit > Select All. This will highlight all the files in this folder.

    11. Right-click on one of the selected files then select Cut

    12. Go back to the folder we created in step 7 and

    13. Right-click and paste the contents we Cut from the Pictures folder.

    Now, restart your computer and try the OrbiCam application again. This should allow your OrbiCam application to work again.

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